Crowdsourcing for all - Design, Photos, Music, Video and Fashion

We are building the ultimate crowdcentric marketplace. This  means that you can use our website not just to raise money for your projects like you can on Kickstarter but you can also reach out to a global crowd for many of the creative services you may need.

Crowdfunding and crowdsourcing at Crowdzu, while completely different services, are not mutually exclusive.

Let me walk you through a hypothetical example:

You are a filmmaker and you use Crowdzu for all of the following

  • raising money for your next movie project (Funding)
  • licensing the perfect indie song for your film (Music)
  • crowdsourcing costume design (Fashion)
  • crowdsourcing cool animated credits for your film (Video)
  • raising additional money through brand integration or product placement (Brands). A detailed description of this category is beyond the scope of this blog post.

Here's another possible scenario:

You are an inventor and use Crowdzu for the following

  • raising money to bring your product to market (Funding)
  • crowdsourcing your logo and the design of your website (Design)
  • crowdsourcing cool packaging design for your new product (Design)
  • crowdsourcing an animated video for your product's website (Video)
  • placing your product in a soon-to-be-popular independent film as part of your marketing strategy (Brands)

All our crowdsourcing verticals (Design, Photos, Music, Video and Fashion) work very similarly. If you are looking to source creative services, you have to decide on a prize amount,  describe what you are looking for in a "brief" using our tools and forms and, when ready, launch the contest. Creatives who are part of the Crowdzu community will respond to the challenge and when the contest ends, you get to pick a winner.  We do not charge contest-holders to launch competitions on our platform but we take a small percentage of the prize money awarded to winning creatives.

We have used illustrations, accessible through our homepage, to graphically represent some of the types of creative services you can source in each category or vertical. They are also included below.

Examples include logos, packaging design, album and book covers, t-shirt design, illustrations and artwork for comic books and graphic novels, and uncoded website design. All rights to any original winning work is transferred from the creative to the contest-holder once the prize money is collected by us and assigned to the creative.

Design Crowdsourcing

Our Photos category also follows the brief-based contest model. This means that contest-holders can describe the photo(s) they are looking for and set prize amounts rather than having to pay fixed licensing fees and having to go through a library of hundreds of pictures. The photographer/creative will retain all rights to winning photos and will simply grant the contest-holder royalty-free usage rights. Photos in all types of categories and of varying specifications can be sourced this way.

Photography Crowdsourcing

Contest-holders in the Music category can source songs or musical arrangements and instrumental pieces for use in films, television shows, online or private videos, video games and more. Like the Photos vertical, the contest-holders can set prize amounts for these contests. The winning creative will continue to own all rights to the musical composition and will grant the contest-holder a royalty-free usage license.

Music Crowdsourcing

This vertical is a blend of the Design and Photo/Music category. If pre-existing work is licensed, ownership will remain with the creative. If original work is created in response to a contest, the winning creative will transfer all rights to the work to the contest-holder. This is where you come if you are looking to source all types of short live-action or animated videos. Typical uses of this vertical would be for crowdsourced commercials, music videos, film credits and training videos.

Video Crowdsourcing

The Fashion vertical is an extension of the Design category. Unless otherwise agreed, winning fashion designers will transfer all rights to the contest-holder. Fashion contests may be used to source one-of-a-kind occasion wear and accessories, costumes for film and stage productions and seasonal lines for fashion houses and garment manufacturers.

Fashion Crowdsourcing

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Crowdsourcing for all - Design, Photos, Music, Video and Fashion
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