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Having recently launched the first phase of our website, we are actively seeking interesting crowdfunding campaigns to showcase. Does the world need another crowdfunding platform, you ask. Our resounding answer is yes! And we will not be just a crowdfunding platform for very long. Our plan is to offer multiple crowd-centric services, and you Dear Visitor, will be able to use one or more of them as your needs dictate. Let me explain this by way of a couple of examples:

Example 1:

You can crowdfund the money to record your next studio album through us but you will also in the future be able to crowdsource the artwork for your album cover through us and you will also be able to seek out licensing deals for your music through us and down the road, you will even be able to sell digital downloads of individual tracks through us.


Example 2:

You crowdfund the money you need for a new tech gadget through us but you don't want to ship the gadgets out in plastic baggies, so you crowdsource packaging design through us. You also want to start advertising your product on the web. So next you decide to crowdsource the 30-second video spot of your dreams through us.


Wouldn't you like to harness the power of multiple crowds that meet your varied needs for a single project via a single account at a single go-to platform? Now you are beginning to see why the world needs Crowdzu.

Like Rome, all of Crowdzu will not be built in a day. As already mentioned, we have just entered the rewards-based crowdfunding platform(and we are keeping an ear to the ground with regard to the latest news about equity-based crowdfunding). While our crowdfunding platform is fully functional and open for business, we are still tweaking and refining our crowdfudngin platform to provide you with the best possible User Experience before we move on to building other components.

For the technophiles among our readers, you may be interested in knowing that we avoided PHP like the well-documented nightmare it can be for such an undertaking and instead chose Python on a Django framework (It had come down to a nailbitingly suspenseful choice between Ruby on Rails and Python on Django). Well, honestly that decision was made by our CTO/co-founder Michal. Our job was simply to concur because we knew that he knew best. All we know is that we are in good company with Google being Python-based. We are perched in the Amazonian cloud by way of Heroku and are well-poised to scale as our needs change.

We are a lean startup in the traditional sense, testing and pushing new code into production frequently. For our small team, this has meant working insanely long hours, no different really from the life of any other typical startup.

We offer a hybrid crowdfunding platform with a tipping point. Please explore our FAQ and Fees sections to learn more.

Ready to Pitch a Project? Remember that 99% of the time, it is your effort that makes a campaign successful and this is a topic I will be addressing soon.

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