Get Your Free Crowdfunding Here!

Hello there! We are looking for you to crowdfund your big idea on Crowdzu. Your only cost will be the transaction fees charged by our payment processor Stripe.

To qualify for this special offer you must be based in a country supported by Stripe (See answer to first question here). You must also be raising money for a creative or entrepreneurial endeavor, and you must either have a following and/or have a product that you can get (or we can help you get) press coverage for. For inventions, you must already have at least a functional proof-of-concept prototype.

Why us? We offer a better platform experience. This means, at the time of pledging, your supporters can:

  • Pick product color, size, etc. (Who woulda thunk?! No more post-campaign surveys to find out what your supporters really want)
  • Pick multiple rewards and/or quantities using our goodie bag check-out system
  • Pay for international shipping (and you can notify your supporters when their rewards are shipped with the click of a button)

All of the above helps eliminate many of the post-successful campaign headaches you end up with on other crowdfunding platforms.

We also allow you to set a threshold success amount plus multiple funding goals.

Best of all, we offer assistance in building your campaign, sending out newsletters, etc. We can also help with your social media and marketing push. All of these services will be offered at no cost to you. Of course, in the end it is your effort that will make your campaign successful but we will support you in these efforts.

Normally, we would collect a 4% success fee. So why are we doing all this for free now? Well, we want you to experience the Crowdzu difference and help spread awareness about our platform as we develop the ultimate Creative Marketplace. So this will be a win-win situation for all of us.

At this moment we are accepting no more than twelve hand-picked campaigns into this pilot program which we will extend as we see fit. You will be working directly with me and/or one of the other co-founders of this platform. So if you have the next great invention or idea that you would like to crowdfund write us about it today at [email protected]

Did you know that if you successfully crowdfund a film on Crowdzu, we will offer you a free New York City premiere of your work. Yes, we are the folks behind the Williamsburg International Film Festival/WILLiFEST.

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