The Crowdzu Difference

Crowdzu is a full-featured, rewards-based crowdfunding platform on its way to becoming a larger creative marketplace.

We would like to work with you directly on crafting and launching your crowdfunding campaign on our platform.

In most cases, it simply isn't true that your campaign is more likely to be successful if it is launched on a well-known platform. Too often you hear stories of the runaway success of some campaigns and you think that that is how crowdfunding works. The fact is that unlike regular news where, for the most part, only bad happenings are covered, when it comes to crowdfunding news, for the most part, only the good stuff is covered. You can check out this almost real time update of the success and failure rates of Kickstarter campaigns and make up your own mind.

The number one lesson you can take away from the high failure rate of campaigns is that crowdfunding is not for everyone or for every concept.

During the crowdfunding panels we held over the last two years, we repeatedly informed our attendees that there is no such thing as free money. The people behind successful campaigns have worked incredibly hard.

As you may know there are crowdfunding platforms on which you can launch just about any campaign.

We do it a little differently. You submit a short text-based pitch to us here, so we can make sure that your project falls within our creative, technology, entrepreneurial or social good category requirements. We also use this opportunity to ascertain that your idea is crowdfundable via a rewards-based platform. We provide you with guidance and feedback. Wouldn't you appreciate human interaction from the get-go instead of canned form letters?

Once your pitch is approved, we provide assistance in  the following areas as needed:

  • Feedback on your pitch video
  • Choosing the right rewards
  • Setting your threshold and other funding goals
  • Usage of social media channels and emails to promote your campaign
  • Adapting your website, if you have one, to spotlight your campaign
  • Crafting the body of your campaign
  • Proofreading your campaign

Our goal is to offer top-notch service to the users of our platform. You will always get proper responses to your emails and, as we grow, we intend to have staff in place to assist our crowdfunders. Right now you get to work directly with one of the co-founders.

Referrals are available if you need help with:

  • creating your pitch video
  • developing a large, genuine and engaged social media following
  • legal matters including IP, incorporation, etc.
  • accounting/tax matters

Please note that we cannot guarantee your success but together we can work hard at achieving it. After all, our success is directly tied to your success.

Questions? You can check out our crowdfunding FAQs for more information about our platform. Please also feel free to email us directly at inquiries[at]

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