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Check out J. Kenji López-Alt 's amazing review of the WokMon at SeriousEats.com: http://www.seriouseats.com/2014/05/the-wok-mon-converts-your-home-burner-into-a-wok-range-solution.html.

The WokMon in Action

[Some notes about the above set of pictures: The first two were taken by Kenji during his tests. Given that he was using earlier prototypes, he used aluminum foil to add height to both the WokMon and the removable stove grate. The third picture was taken by me using a 2" burner with a smaller flame. So while you may not get the same type of flame on a smaller burner, the high heat produced by using a WokMon even with this size burner will produce wok hei.]

And here's a short video clip of Kenji stir-frying with the WokMon:



Me and my inventions


The WokMon is a patented first-of-its-kind revolutionary breakthrough kitchen gadget that can turn your home's kitchen into a haven for cooking delicious and healthy stir-fried dishes. It directly addresses and solves a long persistent heating problem that has plagued millions of people who have attempted to cook at home using woks with varying degrees of success. Every major author of Asian cookbooks has also tried with mixed results to address this heat issue and Asian cooking bloggers have been writing about this issue for a long time.

The WokMon is the solution that everyone has been hoping for when it comes to woking. I cannot emphasize the importance of achieving this “Holy Grail” of high heat that Asian chefs call “Wok Hei” or “Breath of the Wok.” When Wok Hei is achieved the result is a great tasting dish.

As you can see, from the illustration below, there is a “dead spot” in consumer gas stoves because the flames fan outward. Therefore a wok placed on this flame can never achieve its ultimate cooking potential.

Without the WokMon:

Burner cross-section without WokMon

Making sure that the center of your wok attains a high temperature is an integral part of woking. Enter the patented WokMon.

The WokMon's unique focus ring redirects all of your gas burner's flames towards the center turning your wok's “dead spot” into a “hot spot.” The WokMon easily turns relatively low powered gas burners into very efficient wok burners. The results are amazingly hot stir-fried dishes and a wok that is also capable of efficient steaming just like in a Chinese restaurant's kitchen.

By using every bit of the gas flame's energy (measured in BTUs) that would normally be wasted, your stove becomes up to 50% more efficient, thus making the WokMon a green (energy efficient) device. [Note: Home gas burners vary from 7000 BTUs to 18,000 BTUs for hi-end stoves vs.150,000+ BTUs for restaurant burners].

With the WokMon:

Burner cross-section with WokMon

As you stir your food from side to side, in and out of this hot zone, you are searing your food without burning it, truly stir-frying and not stewing your food. It's a fun and easy technique to learn. I am not saying that you will be ready to open a Chinese restaurant, but you will be able to replicate many exciting dishes from your favorite Asian cookbook using the WokMon.


Boiling water comparison


The American version of the wok started out as a traditional rounded bottomed wok from Asia. However, various manufacturers have contributed to the mutation of today’s wok designs that include flat-bottomed, aluminum, multi-layer clad, stainless steel and most recently green ceramic. However with the exception of expensive cooktops designed for woking, gas stove burners have not evolved to take advantage of the potential benefits of these new wok designs. The WokMon will breathe new life into these woks! [Important note: Teflon woks cannot be used with the high heat from WokMon without toxic fumes being emitted, a real no-no. The intensity of the heat will also damage the non stick surface.]


Review @ Gizmodo


WokMon review at SeriousEatsWokMon on CNETWokMon in The Blinker






TrendMonitorHudson Reporter


Food Wrap Interview with Glen LeeSing TaoSteamy Kitchen






Mike ShoutsHomes & HuesGreenpoint Star


Is your Wok "woking out" for you?

Western stoves were designed for flat cookware that require relatively low power to cook basic cuisine. But they are grossly underpowered for woking. Despite the desire to make a fabulous Asian meal, many cooks end up putting up with mediocre results. After a few disappointments, they may order take-out, often abandoning their woks all together. Its Stew-Frying vs. Stir-Frying.


The Evolution of the WokMon



The Competition

There are also electric element and induction stoves available for flat bottom woks only. However they still don’t quite generate enough “Wok Hei.” Once a good amount of food is “introduced” into the wok, the temperature drops and the food releases its water content therefore producing stewing results not stir-frying. Gas has a "quicker heating response" and is easy to gauge by eye. Most professional chefs and serious cooks won’t consider anything but gas.


One of my goals in inventing the WokMon was to help us eat healthier “balanced” diets. Many health experts and dietitians emphasize the need to add "fresh vegetables and fiber" to our overall diet. We are combating very complicated, confusing messages in the media on what to eat and our waistlines are not shrinking. We are battling obesity and related rising medical costs. Asian cuisine and wok cooking with the help of the WokMon can help us take a healthier approach to our diet. Also the combination of meat and vegetables makes for a more interesting eating experience than the regular day-to-day fare.


Up until this point, I have explained how WokMon works and why it is needed in the kitchen. Now I need your help to get it into America’s and the world's kitchens. In return, you will be the first cooks to experience the power of the WokMon.

Help me bring Woksanity to your kitchen!

Scroll down or click on the Rewards link on the right to see the many funding/rewards levels. Of course, any amount you can contribute to make the WokMon a reality would be very greatly appreciated. You can also help by getting the word out to your family, friends and woking enthusiasts everywhere.


While I hope to get the WokMon manufactured here, given the high cost of US manufacturing, the reality of this happening is dependent on the funding amount raised. My first priority is making sure I am able to deliver well-manufactured WokMon kits to you and this is something I will certainly do if I reach my funding threshold of $20,000.

The final production version will be custom fit to your stove and be similar in principal but more efficient in design when compared to the sample prototype seen.

We have gotten this to a point where we just need the funds to go into production. This will be done immediately upon the successful conclusion of this campaign and we will make sure we are as efficient as possible in getting you the first units of the WokMon.

Stovetop WokMon


  • WokMon turns low powered gas burner into a hi-powered by up to 50% more. Eliminates the Dead Spot, turns its to a Hot spot
  • Magnifies BTU output to the bottom center of Wok
  • WokMon is a Green product as it reuses the wasted outward gases and recycles 100% back to the system
  • Everyday users will discover the versatility of the wok; many new healthy Asian and non-Asian dishes can be incorporated in their diets
  • Can be used with current non-teflon western flat cookware when there is a more intense heat requirement
  • Achieves “Wok Hei” – the Holy Grail of wok cooking

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about the WokMon.


  • The final production model of the WokMon will be a little different from what you see in the photos and videos in this campaign. The support legs for the wok ring will be similar to what you see in the rewards section.
  • The WokMon is only meant for use with gas burners and portable butane gas stoves. With regard to butane stoves, you must have one with detachable/removable stove grate arms (usually 4) by means of screws, nuts/bolts or springs/pins. Otherwise the WokMon cannot be nested within the burner cavity.
  • The WokMon is available in three different sizes and you must pick the size that fits your burner. Measuring instructions are mentioned in the rewards section. If you have a portable butane gas stove, please get the smallest size. The general rule of thumb is as follows but it is always best to measure your burner to be sure of the fit:
    • 6-8K BTU = small
    • 9-12K BTU = medium
    • 14-18K = large
    • portable butane gas stove = small
  • The WokMon SHOULD NOT BE USED with teflon-coated woks.


Entrepreneur Magazine articleI keep myself busy as a working actor and part-time tinkerer. Over the years, with my background in the aerospace industry, my inventions have been focused on the Asian food space. That's me in Entrepreneur magazine back in 1985 when I invented EZ-STICKS, the mechanical chopsticks. They were sold nationwide through Bloomingdale's Housewares, Spencers Gift Stores and Benihana restaurants.


Story on EZ-Sticks on KCBS TV (1985)

Big Trouble in Little China


Funding goals:
The WokMon Becomes a Reality

This lowered funding goal will pay for the manufacturing of the WokMons (without any tooling or dies) and the adjustable legs to fulfill all rewards. Packaging and shipping costs will also be covered. I will continue to attempt to keep manufacturing in the US. Please read the update dated July 28th for more detailed information.

Tooling & Dies Included

This amount will pay for the five needed dies (one for each WokMon size and two for the legs), the initial production runs to fulfill rewards, and packaging and shipping costs. The WokMon and its adjustable support legs will be made in the US.

Pick from rewards below and support this project:
Chosen by 3 supporters
$1+: Thank you!

You are helping make the WokMon a reality. Thank you shout out via Twitter and Facebook with much appreciation from the WokMon superhero.

Chosen by 2 supporters
$5+: Thank you! Three Recipes from The Official WokMon Cookbook

You are helping make the WokMon a reality. Thank you shout out via Twitter and Facebook with much appreciation from the WokMon superhero. Three randomly selected recipes from the Official WokMon Cookbook delivered digitally.

Chosen by 3 supporters
$8+: Thank you! Six Recipes from The Official WokMon Cookbook

You are helping make the WokMon a reality. Thank you shout out via Twitter and Facebook with much appreciation from the WokMon superhero. Six randomly selected recipes from the Official WokMon Cookbook delivered digitally.

Chosen by 5 supporters (25 of 30 still available)
$12+: The Last of the Mohicans

These are the very last of the original mechanical chopsticks that started a craze in 1985. Chopsticks' color will be chosen at random from white, black, red, green and pink.

Chosen by 3 supporters
$19+: The Clever Chinese Cleaver

The all-purpose carbon steel cleaver from the Wok Shop is perfect for cutting vegetables, meats, poultry, and fish. The cleaver features a 8" long x 3.25" wide blade and 4" wooden handle.

Chosen by 9 supporters
$20+: Leave It to Cleaver

This single-piece all-purpose stainless steel cleaver from the Wok Shop is perfect for cutting vegetables, meats, poultry, and fish. The cleaver features a 8" long x 3.25" wide blade.

Chosen by 2 supporters
$22+: Superhero/Heromon Aprons

You will be a stir-frying superhero in these WokMon aprons. 65% polyester, 35% cotton. 24" long. Color: white. 7-color print. Please choose your design when placing your pledge.

Apron design:
Chosen by 7 supporters
$32+: Woking is #SexyBack Again - The Official WokMon Cookbook

The recipes in the Official WokMon Cookbook are the result of a collaboration between amateur chef and woking enthusiast, Michael Alan who has been cooking with a WokMon prototype for several months and Glen Lee. Written by food writer Corbo Eng.

This 48-page 8" x 10" full-color cookbook includes 20 recipes crafted specifically for the high heat provided by the WokMon. These recipes range from more traditional Chinese stir-fry dishes to Indian-inspired curries. It also contains a guide to the care of and seasoning of your carbon steel wok, tips/tricks and other useful information.

Chosen by 200 supporters
$38+: Early Bird Gets the WokStar

This reward consists of the WokMon, a wok support ring and four detachable/adjustable legs with high-temperature silicone booties that will let you position your wok's bottom at the optimimum distance from your burner. Please note that this image shows prototypes.

The WokMon comes in three different sizes to custom fit your gas burner. Please check your burner and choose your WokMon's size carefully when pledging your support. Thank you!

WokMon to fit burner size:
Chosen by 8 supporters
$40+: One-Armed Bandit

The American-made round-bottom wok from the Wok Shop is 14" diameter, made of heavy gauge carbon steel and has two wooden handles. This wok must be seasoned.

Chosen by 3 supporters
$45+: Pow "WoW" Wok

The American made round-bottom Pow Wok from the Wok Shop is 14" diameter by 4” deep, made of heavy gauge carbon steel and has a hollow metal handle. This wok must be seasoned.

Chosen by 22 supporters
$50+: WokStar Game Changer

This reward consists of the WokMon, a wok support ring and four detachable/adjustable legs with high-temperature silicone booties that will let you position your wok's bottom at the optimimum distance from your burner. Please note that this image shows prototypes.

The WokMon comes in three different sizes to custom fit your gas burner. Please check your burner and choose your WokMon's size carefully when pledging your support. Thank you!

WokMon to fit burner size:
Chosen by 8 supporters
$68+: Wok Heaven

The round-bottom American-made Pow Wok is 14" diameter by 4” deep, made of heavy gauge carbon steel and has a hollow metal handle. This wok must be seasoned. Includes: a wok cover, spatula and brush. All from the Wok Shop.

April 19, 2017, 10:13 p.m. EST
WokMon Update - Shipping soon from China!

Sorry for the late response. Please go to www.wokmon.com for the latest updates. This has been a challenging startup process but the first consignment of WokMons is about to be shipped from China. I have been reaching out individually to all my crowdfunding supporters to find out if there is any change in their address or stove size. I truly appeciate your patience and you will not be disappointed. So please monitor the News & Updates page of my website.

Aug. 14, 2014, 1:14 p.m. EST
WokMon campaign is ending. If your shipping address or cc has changed, here's what to do...

Make sure you are logged in when viewing this page. You will see a yellow section near the top which lists the details of your pledge, the last few digits of your card number, and your shipping address. If any of these details have changed, simply click the appropriate button, make the changes and submit your new information.

If you have any problems navigating the website or pledging, please send an email to [email protected] right away.

Thank you for your support!

July 28, 2014, 10:34 p.m. EST
Please note - Final Extension of Campaign and Threshold Goal Change

Hello All,

When I set out to crowdfund the WokMon, I was determined to have it manufactured in the US. I had been working with a New York-based steel factory for over a year on my prototypes and I hoped to continue working with them for the production run for the rewards.

The problem was that the WokMon dome comes in three different sizes and the final quotes I received from this factory days before the launch of the campaign pegged the tooling costs for the dies for the three WokMon sizes at a total of about $60,000. This number did not include the tooling costs for the adjustable legs (another $14K) or the cost of the production runs.

Then there were the silicone booties (Tooling costs quoted at just under $16,000!!! Production cost extra).

The kit also has to include wok rings which I have to buy off the shelf. And let's not forget the cost of shipping these units all over the US at no extra cost to all of you.

In short, if I were to pre-sell 500 WokMons via my campaign, I would have had to set the cost of each WokMon kit to approximately $400 to cover all my costs of fulfillment. I optimistically set the pricing of each unit between $38 and $50 in the hopes that I would find 5,000 supporters. Unfortunately, my optimism has not paid off and it is quite possible that when this campaign ends only about 500 units will have been claimed.

After speaking to the platform (Crowdzu) once again for their support in making some changes to my campaign as needed, I have spent the last several weeks contacting mostly US manufacturers for alternate quotes based, if necessary, on alternate manufacturing methods.

By eliminating tooling for the WokMon domes (even though this greatly increases the per unit manufacturing cost of each dome) and by getting quotes from other parts of the US, I have gotten to a point where I can almost manufacture enough WokMon kits to fulfill the rewards at 1/10th my original funding goal of $200,000 (later lowered to $100,000 based on interim quotes received).

At this point, I have already spent about $15,000 out of my own pocket on multiple prototypes, obtaining the patent, CAD drawings and so on. To avoid further costs that I have to cover, I am also looking into manufacturing in China if I can get a more affordable price for tooling. I am, of course, doing my best to try and keep manufacturing in the US.

I appreciate everyone's support. I am as excited to get my invention in your hands as you were in pledging your support. The WokMon was just reviewed very favorably by Gizmodo today. You can read this review here: http://gizmodo.com/using-the-wokmon-to-achieve-expert-level-chinese-food-a-1611989362

Given everything I mentioned above, I am reducing my funding goal to $20,000 and extending my campaign an additional two weeks to make sure that everyone who comes across the Gizmodo review in the coming days has an opportunity to get their pledges in. This may add a couple of weeks to my delivery date and for this I truly apologize.

I started working on the earliest prototypes of the WokMon - then called Dragon's Breath - over ten years ago. So this will be the culmination of a long-held dream. My goal in the slightly longer term, of course, is to get the WokMon on store shelves as soon as possible.

Thank you for your understanding and your support. You will not be disappointed!

July 3, 2014, 8:07 p.m. EST
Please read - Notification of extension of campaign

Dear supporters,

I know how important it is to you that the WokMon is manufactured and that you receive the units you requested through your pledges. Many of you have contacted me via various means to see if this would happen even if I did not meet my funding goal here on Crowdzu and I have always responded in the affirmative.

FYI, Crowdzu is a new platform and as you may have noticed, the WokMon is their first crowdfunding project. I started working with the founders of this platform several months before the launch of both the website and my campaign. I have kept them informed of all my behind-the-scenes developments and after much discussion, they have agreed to extend my campaign to the end of this month. I have also lowered my minimum funding goal.

The How (did you manage to bring your cost down)? My original funding goal was based on working with a local NY-based manufacturer and using tooling and dies to stamp out the different sized WokMons and the legs. Doing this in the US on the East Coast is a very expensive proposition. I have now explored other manufacturing methods for limited quantities including machining and I have decided to move the manufacturing to another US state. Machining will bring the overall cost down for a limited production run even though it is not a cost effective proposition for mass production which is something I will have to revisit after this campaign.

The Why (did you extend the campaign)? I need to have some additional time to finalize production details with a new manufacturer while simultaneously working on more media coverage to reach every possible WokMon fan so it can indeed become a reality.

The What (effect does this have on my pledge of support)? Your pledge is not affected in any way. Even the scheduled delivery date of your WokMon will not change.

The Where (will you be manufacturing the WokMon)? As mentioned before, the goal is still to manufacture the WokMon in the US. I will be sure to inform you if anything changes in this respect.

If you, have not pledged yet, now is the time to do so. You can change your pledge easily at any time. Also please remember to spread the word among family, friends and stir-frying aficionados.

Please message me through Crowdzu or email me at [email protected] if you have any question.

Thank you again for your support and faith in the WokMon. Happy 4th of July to all my American supporters!

- Glen

June 10, 2014, 9:40 a.m. EST
Result of temperature test

I picked up my own infrared temperature gun last week and tested the WokMon on a 2" gas burner with a round bottom carbon steel wok. You can see the result in the picture below. That's work hei!

Man that's woking hot!

June 3, 2014, 1:43 p.m. EST
The Official WokMon Cookbook: A Work in Progress

There are so many things to get done including finalizing all prototypes, ironing out details with manufacturers, reaching out to press and supporters, working with product testers, networking... the list is almost endless. However, this weekend I also found time to start working on the cookbook with Michael Alan and Corbo Eng, the food writer who came down from Washington DC to work with us.

Our goal is to create an awesome cookbook that you will enjoy using with your WokMon. Here's a collage of pictures taken with a smartphone to commemorate the first couple of days of work on the recipes. We will save the professional pictures for the cookbook.

That was some good eating, thanks to the WokMon. If you haven't already signed up for one, please consider changing your pledge to include this cookbook.

Thank you for your support! Please help spread the Woksanity!

- Glen

June 1, 2014, 12:33 p.m. EST
How to figure out the size of the WokMon you need

A smaller version of this picture is included with the WokMon rewards but I thought posting this bigger picture would help clear up any doubts. The burner pictured is 2-1/4" and would require the small WokMon. If you have any questions, please contact me at gtlee3[at]gmail.com.


I have this kitchen aid (http://www.shopkitchenaid.com/shop/-[KGSK901SSS]-402235/KGSK901SSS/) so i'm not entirely sure if i properly measured the burners. Will I be able to get a different size if I ended up selecting the wrong one?
@Not Telling, I took a look at your range's specifications. You have a large burner (14K BTU) on the left front. Your medium burner is at the back. So you should get a large WokMon to use with your left front burner.

The general rule of thumb is 6-8K BTU = small WokMon, 9-12K BTU = medium WokMmon, and 14-18K = large WokMon (I will update my campaign to reflect this), but it is always best to measure your burner to be sure.

If you did not order the large WokMon, please log into Crowdzu, go back to the campaign page and in the "Thank you for supporting this project!" section at the top, please click on the "Changed your mind" button. This will allow you to "Withdraw your pledge" and then pick a different WokMon size.

In the end, your satisfaction is very important to me. So if you do end up with the wrong size, please get in touch with me and we can arrange to do an exchange.
similar question as not telling...i assume the measurement includes the burner's porcelain cover?
i have this range http://products.geappliances.com/ApplProducts/Dispatcher?REQUEST=HPSPECPAGE&Sku=RGB530DETBB#tab2_

Are you going to sell these if you don't reach your goal? I really really want one but I'm a bit worried you aren't going to reach your $200,000 goal. Why did you set it so high anyways?
Thank you for your interest and belief in my campaign, I intent to produce the WokMon in the US. Its the reason why the goal is so high. I am taking a risk to make it here. I hope you and others share my belief that the WokMon can help others and help make it a reality. Our team are just getting going and ramping the the media blitz. I am confident we will gain traction and the supporters will pledge. Your pledge will bring the WokMon closer to our goal. Best!
Why do you compare WokMon with ActiFry? ActiFry does not claim to be able to stir fry. Why not compare WokMon with other wok products including electric woks?
is there a backup plan if the $200,000 goal is not met?
Dennis, Glad you asked. yes there is a Plan B. There are offers on the table. But you understand i need to focus on A. Thanks for asking.
On the comparison with the Actifry unit, If you view their video on T-fal site, they do claim to able to 'stir-fry' There are number infomericials which the participants talk and attempt to 'stir-fry'.
OK, even Ming Tsai does an infomercial claiming to stir-fry in an ActiFry but he also does a HSN or QVC commercial for the NuWAVE induction cooktop saying that other cooking methods cannot get the appropriate high temperature for stir frying. I will try to ask Ming if he would do a stir fry using an ActiFry in hos restaurant!
Why does my contribution of $42 also show $30 shipping?

BTW no response from Ming Tsai :>)
Dennis, since you are US-based, your $42 pledge includes shipping. There should be no additional charges. Can you please send a screenshot of where you see this charge to me at [email protected] and to [email protected] so I can check with Crowdzu if there is any issue. Happy 4th!
I thought to share a very nice encouraging email:

Hi, Glen,

Just a little boost of support for you. I know you're working hard and I am not only
looking forward to my wokman, but also seriously wishing for your continued and
ever increasing success with your brilliant invention! I really respect your entrepreneurial
spirit. Happy 4th to you and yours also.


My determination is reinforced!
Very impressive idea! Looking forward to trying on my Viking!
Glad you chosen the right size!- large WokMon
thanks for fixing the shipping charge problem!
Dennis, thank you for pointing out the problem!

My burner diameter is just over 2-1/4"; hope ordering your 2-1/2 to 3 inches is the correct size.

Also, have you given any thoughts about how to center the dome and the wok ring over the burner/flame so that it does not get moved round? Some of the home stove comes with square grates and I'm assuming it is of standard size. I have replaced one of mine with a wok-grate so that the wok is always centered.

Can't wait to get mine. Hope you reached you goal and beyond. Thanks.
The small WokMon is right size.

The WokMon kit is design to be used with or without your stove grate depending on your configuration. It will have Hi- temp rubber boots to center secure it on your stove.
I emailed the URL of this site to http://www.vietworldkitchen.com/ (a very popular site) and the author was worried about possible damage to the stove top. I told her I would report back to her after I had used the Wokmon. But if you can confirm that there is no possible damage to stove tops maybe she will mention the Wokmon on her site...possibly more orders!
During my many (10+) yrs of use and vigorous testing of the WokMon. It 'never' caused any damage to the various stoves I used. Today's and past stove manufacturers have designed their stoves to take on the potential hi-heat output that may be produced from their stoves.

The WokMon has the least possible chance for damage because the heat is concentrated higher, away and centered than flat cookware(pots and pans). Actually flatware brings the flames closer to the stove enamel's surface than the WokMon.

And also like any device on the stove, it needs to be treated with respect and caution. After all you are working with fire. (and a powerful one )

Thank again!
What a shame. This project could have received so much more attention and so much more support if it wasn't on this (extremely lacking) website.

"It 'never' caused any damage to the various stoves I used."

I find that very hard to believe. Just using a normal wok ring on various stoves has usually caused the ceramic burner covers (whatever you call them) to become severely discolored from being scorched and cause heat damage. Those covers would sometimes get so bad they would start falling part and need to be replaced.
Justin, thank you for voicing your opinion. As a co-founder of Crowdzu, I would like to respond.

KS turned down this campaign a year ago (They may have changed their policies now. As far as I know they send you a form letter when they reject your project).

Being on another platform does not guarantee your success. This was a recent "featured" campaign on KS for another food-related invention: http://kck.st/1ldBPe8

You can see KS campaigns succeed and fail in real time here: http://sidekick.epfl.ch/. IGG success rates are much lower.

Very often media coverage is what makes an invention's crowdfunding campaign successful and the WokMon has received very favorable reviews at www.SeriousEats.com and www.Gizmodo.com.

Except for the rare bizarre campaigns like the Potato Salad one that make the news for their weirdness, almost every single campaign that appears to go viral and attract millions of dollars in pledges have had carefully orchestrated, expensive PR campaigns behind them.

You have no idea how closely we have worked with Glen Lee, the WokMon's inventor... or how closely we work with our other crowdfunders and how much assistance we provide. We invite anyone planning to launch a crowdfunding campaign to contact the other big platforms and then contact us to see the difference.
what is the anticipated retail price of WokMon? and where will it be sold?
On her latest email, the author mentions the WokMon (http://www.vietworldkitchen.com/blog/2014/08/banh-mi-handbook-tofu-mcnuggets-wokmon-wok-hei.html). Maybe this will help to get some new investors!
We have been getting new quotations from manufacturers which will determine the price of the WokMon. The WokShop in SF amongs others are lined to sell WokMon once it comes available.
Thanks for turning on Andrea at Viet World Kitchen.
You have been a great source of support!
Stella, You completely misunderstood my comment. But thanks for chiming in.
the credit card used for my pledge is no longer active. when I tried to change the credit card I get the message "This API call cannot be made with a publishable API key". what is the meaning of this message and how do I resolve the problem. I need to change the card used for my pledge ASAP.
Dennis, one of my colleagues will email you directly and sort this issue out for you. Thank you for your patience.
Dennis, you must have received an email from Michal. This issue has been resolved and you should be able to change your cc # without any problems now. Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience.
credit card problem fixed!
Hey Glen -- very excited about this coming to a close and hopefully get my wokman soon. I'm an avid wok fanatic -- and I have would SHOULD be an awesome range top -- yet because of the design it's still only so so. My range is a 7-year old Capital Rangetop -- similar (very) to this : http://www.capital-cooking.com/product/336

My worry is the wok burner already in the range -- that I of course plan to use since it's 30K BTU at max -- but it's also down in a well .. http://www.capital-cooking.com/product/336#null

I have tried various things -- but neither of my woks (a flat bottom nor a standard round) fits well if I remove the top grate and try to put the wok in the "well" (the well is 5"). I am wondering how the wokman is going to work on this setup? The diameter of the flame thing is 4.1/2" so I ordered the large of course ..

Cheers and can't wait to get true "Wok Hei" !
Hi Stephen,

That's a nice looking range w/wok burner. The large WokMon should work well along with its wok support ring. It is designed to work on most western type stoves. After looking at capital site, the WokMon will make that already hot burner even hotter. Chinese cooks always want more power. The more, the better! Wok Hei all the way!

I am working everyday to get the WokMon produced and delivered to you and all those whom pledged.

Its Woksanity!
Well if you need some beta testers, I'd volunteer! :)
Hi Glen,
It just occurred to me what the Wokmon reminds me of: After spending 4 yrs on an aircraft carrier and seeing (and feeling!) F-14s go to full afterburner, that's what the wokmon brings to mind, albeit on a smaller scale. I dare say that if I were to use my 25 yr old wok on the back end of a Tomcat, it would probably be reduced to slag. So I'm glad you've come up with a scaled down version! Looking forward to trying it out when it gets here.
Due noted!
When will I see delivery of my purchase??
Mitchell - Did you read what you pledged for? Mine says, "Estimated delivery: October 2014".
Glen, it would be nice if you posted an update on the progress of the manufacturing.
It's been over a month since your last comment Glen. What updates do you have for us?
Hi Folks,

Please refer to my revamped WokMon.com site for updates on the WokMon. I can tell you since the campaign finished, I been working very hard with the various manufacturing companies try to get the WokMon delivery by end of Nov. Please bear with me as some things are out of my control, I had to change manufacturer due to cost considerations.

Thanks all for your patience.

Thanks for the update!
What is going on with this project?
Hi folks,

Please refer to wokmon.com for news updates. There were new design changes to the WokWon along with changing manufacturers. So testing and safety is a priority. This will delay delivery of the WokMon til after Chinese new year(Feb. 15).

Thank you for your patience.
So I guess we will never get this? Website is now closed and I never got a reply to an email I sent months ago.
What is the current status? Backers should be receiving some kind of information now that the latest promised deadline has slipped.
I firmly believe this item will not ship. It's been 3 months since the last update and the shipping date was Feb 15. I shouldn't have believed in the product with nothing to see from it. Crowdzu doesn't work.
We deserve monthly updates, at least. I'm pretty much convinced this product doesn't exist and will try to spread the word that Crowdzu is a scam.
Haven't received anything yet and I have almost forgotten about it...!!
Hi Everybody!
I want to thank all WokMon pledgers whom been so patience. If you have not seen my prior posts ( 4 months ago ) directing everyone to my wokmon.com site for the latest updates on production progress, please accept my apologies. I dedicated this site to stream line the communication to all interested parties. Please click "news" for the current status on.
Lastly I didn't forget any of you who supported my campaign, for without your pledge the WokMon wouldn't have gotten this far.
Thanks again!
Except there's barely any information on the other site either. Posting a pic of a part isn't an update. You need to update us on time tables as well.
Yeah, this is starting to make me nervous. I received an email in November asking to verify my shipping and saying I'd have it 1/2015. Then there was a post on the wokmon site at the end of 1/2015 saying basically 'here are pictures of some molds', and then another update in May saying, 'we're getting closer'.
What is going on here. They took our money almost a year ago now. Now they will not answer my emails or phone calls...
"We are making great progress in our WokMon testing."
That is NOT an update! I think it's time to face the music folks...this was a scam.
From wokmon.com
WokMon Update
Jan. 18, 2016

Hello again from the WokMon factory in China. Yes, that's right! I am in China. We are getting prepped to start a production run, ordering the needed raw materials before all of China goes on their famous Chinese New Year vacation. The Year of the Monkey begins on February 8th and this means the whole country shuts down till the end of the month.

When the factory opens up again, we will move beyond the test runs we are doing now and launch into actual production. Please stay tuned! I will be posting our production updates here. I will also have a better idea of our delivery date once actual production begins. - Glen Lee

It's coming
What's the story here? Are you ever going to ship these things? How about an update? Seriously- this is kind of ridiculous.
According to their main site as of May 8th they entered full production. Looks like Seth wasn't too honest or serious about posting production updates here.
Have any backer gotten an update on this project?
I guess he's having a nice vacation in China on us :(
They've been in production for 4 months now and they still don't have any product. Year of the Monkey must mean they hire actual monkeys to perform the work.
On his website her posted this:

"We had problems updating our website content. So this picture was posted earlier on our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/wokmon. Apologies for the delay in posting it here. More updates to follow soon!"
Glen Lee

Then of course going to the facebook page, shows nothing at all.

Two and a half years and he has nothing to show for it.
"Sorry for the late response."

What late response? 3 years between updates it totally acceptable!
Merry Christmas to me—my long-awaited Wokmon finally arrived! I admit I'd almost given up, what with the lack of communication. You can imagine how excited I was to finally get it. I wasted no time trying it out, stir-frying the leftovers from last night's hot pot party. Veggies, tofu, fish balls, mushrooms... and it worked better than I could have hoped! The wok got hot enough to actually slightly char things--that's never happened before on my wimpy stove. I worry a little that the wokmon ring glowed red hot, but I assume much of the delay involved testing. Anyhow, kudos for a great product.
Mine arrived today. Tested it out on dinner, and holy cow did it make a difference. I hope that all the backers get theirs soon. It sure did take a while, but I am glad I backed this project.
I have mine and it's junk. The time it takes for water to reach 150 degrees is identical with it on versus off in my wok. This doesn't do a damn thing.

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