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Double Take

Double Take is a short documentary that examines to what limit our experiences and what we are exposed to alters our perceptions.  Having grown up in New York City during a period of intense racial tensions, I began to wonder if these things, combined with the recent surge of highly publicized race related incidents, influenced my interpretation of the gaze while on a trip to India during the summer of 2013.

Your donations will be used to secure archival footage and pay licensing fees, enabling me to complete a work that will start a conversation that has never been had before.

"Perception is merely reality filtered through the prism of your soul."  - Christopher A. Ray.  How does your prism filter these looks?

- Joanna

Side Streets

This is a concept that entices us each and every day. How do we become successful? What is success? Perhaps you are looking for a comfortable job that puts food on the table. Maybe you just want to be happy. Others just want their story to be heard. Some could be looking for much more than that; fame in every facet. Regardless of what people strive for, many have the tendency to begin their journey in the greatest city in the world: New York City.

With the rapidly rising cost of housing, food, and living achieving our goals becomes more and more difficult. Yet still, many find a way. We all take risks. We all dive into this city head first. It is my passion and driving fascination to produce personal accounts of these special individuals who fight through the rigorous punches the world gives them. Through anything and everything, they find a way to survive, thrive and one day succeed.

We not only want to create these personal accounts, but want to have their stories heard from coast to coast. These exemplary people deserve to be seen.  The purpose of this project is not only to expose them to greater opportunities, but to also galvanize all others that are similar to them. This is why we need your help. Your role in having these portraits seen is vital. Our hope is to hire a loyal and pragmatic crew that is able to take our project to the next level. With high-end equipment and specialized individuals who can operate such, our objective is to produce a compelling narrative that inspires others to follow their dreams against all odds, with beautiful production value.

With your generous donation, you will join a group that will be heard in volumes throughout our great nation. Help us bring eyes and ears to these amazing people. Become a part of the process that builds the bridge to achieving dreams. We will do everything we can to get your story out there and help you and everyone else find success.

- Jeremy

The Urban Exposure Team

Joanna and Jeremy
Joanna White-Oldham is an educator, community television producer and purveyor of great ideas.  She is the founder of the Center for Active Learning in Brooklyn, NY, and is also an IT Trainer at NYU Langone Medical Center.  Chronic Visibility is currently in reruns on BPN.

Jeremy Lewis is currently a freelance filmmaker, post-production editor, and screenwriter. He co-wrote the short film, “Sahara,” winner of the NJ Young Filmmakers Festival, along with Spare Some Change, Commute, and User, all of which are set for production. Jeremy is a young, fresh filmmaker who brings a new blend of creativity, inspiration and work ethic into the industry.

Funding goals:
Bare Bones Goal

Funding at this level will enable us to begin production of Side Streets.  Specifically, we need to hire at least one additional camera person, boom operator and gaffer.  We will also need to pay copyright and trademark fees.

The Next Best Thing

You will help provide us with everything that is listed above as well as further enhancing our production value when it comes to post-production editing. This includes the purchasing of certain video editing, color correcting and sound mixing software.

Truly A Blessing

Everything above will be attained. In addition, we will take this extra funding to escape the world of rentals and purchase two high quality cameras that will further enhance our overall production value.

A Perfect World

We couldn't have imagined a better outcome! You've helped us not only gather the ability to be seen by all of you amazing individuals, but to be heard as well. With our ulimate funding goal achieved we will be able to hire more credible talent along with skilled crew members each polished in their own craft, as well as ensuring the best possible opportunity to get our projects to national networks.

Pick from rewards below and support this project:
$5+: Gaffer

A personalized "Thank you" on our website, urbanxposure and our social media pages. Every dollar matters and we are forever grateful!

$10+: Production Assistant

You will receive the above reward as well as a personal email from either Joanna or Jeremy along with a digital copy of our first documentary, "Double Take," a first person account of Joanna's travels through Northern India.

$25+: Boom Operator

You will receive all previous rewards, as well as an exclusive "Urban Exposure" button that demonstrates your support of our movement.  You're helping us make noise.

100 available
$50+: Sound Editor

You will receive all awards previously listed as well as a limited edition poster with a personal thank you and signature from Joanna and Jeremy.

50 available
$100+: Director of Cinematography

You will receive all previous rewards listed and a personal "Thank You" video from Joanna and Jeremy where we will extend our gratitude by name, along with a sneak preview of our progress with "Double Take" and" Side Streets."

Chosen by 1 supporter (9 of 10 still available)
$200+: Director

You will receive all rewards listed above and have a special opportunity to pitch an idea of your very own and become a part of the team!

10 available
$500+: Associate Producer

You will receive every reward listed above as well as garner the credit of "Associate Producer" in your choice of either "Double Take" or "Side Streets".

5 available
$1,000+: Executive Producer

You will receive every reward listed above as well as gaining the credit of "Executive Producer" for every episode "Side Streets" produced.

10 available
$1,000+: Silver Corporate Sponsor

Companies that sponsor Urban Exposure at this level get logo placement on the UE website and recognition for their donation on all UE social media accounts.

5 available
$3,000+: Gold Corporate Sponsor

Companies that sponsor Urban Exposure at this level receive the sponsorship benefits mentioned above and logo placement in one (1) episode of Side Streets.

3 available
$5,000+: Diamond Corporate Sponsor

Companies that sponsor Urban Exposure at this level receive the sponsorship benefits mentioned above AND logo placement in one (1) episode of Side Streets.

1 available
$10,000+: Platinum Corporate Sponsor

The company that sponsors Urban Exposure at this level will receive all of the sponsorship benefits listed above AND a 30 second ad that will be featured in all episodes of Side Streets.


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