Mvimwa Hospital Solar Power Project

Mvimwa Hospital Solar Power Project
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Solar Without Frontiers

We are Solar without Frontiers, we provide charitable renewable energy solutions to hospitals, schools and rural villages in Africa ( We are now entering the final phase of funding for our containerized energy generator for the Mvimwa hospital in rural western Tanzania. The hospital provides vital medical services to ten rural villages in Tanzania with a population of approximately 20,000 people.

The Mvimwa hospital was built by the Benedictine monks of the nearby Mvimwa Abbey, one of whose members is a doctor who trains local young men to run it. The hospital has 17 beds divided between six rooms and a maternity ward where some 150 babies are delivered each year. The hospital also provides vital AIDS treatment. The hospital has no secure power supply and is serviced by nearby Benedictine Abbey however the abbey only has the capacity to supply the hospital with two hours of power per day.

The proposed container will be powered by 10 kW of solar panels and a battery bank with a diesel generator as backup.  The container will be built in Ireland by our expert engineers using high quality materials from trusted suppliers and then shipped to Africa. The container roof will act as a mount for part of the solar panels, house the batteries and controls. The generator and remaining solar panels will be installed next to the container. The system will be plug and play to install and the container will also act as an office space / treatment room.

Funding goals:
1/3 of the way there

We are relying on your support to fund 1/3 of this project through this campaign.  The project will not be possible unless we reach this goal. Let’s save lives with solar power. With this goal we can afford to buy the container and all the solar panels.

2/3 of the way there

With this goal we can afford to buy 90% of the equipment making the end goal much more achievable. 

Fully Funded

Home run - With this goal we can buy all the equipment, kit out the container and pay for shipping plus fund the cost of sending the volunteers to Tanzania to help install the system.

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€1,000+: Personal Skype contact from the SWF team.

With this pledge, we will contact you personally and give a detailed explanation of the project, showing the plans and logistics involved in the project. You will also be invited to see the finished system before it is shipped to the hospital in Mvimwa. 

You will be responsible for all travel costs to Ireland.


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