Help Safeguard the 911 Tiles for America  and bring them 'Home For Good’
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Help Safeguard the 911 Tiles for America and bring them 'Home For Good’

The 9/11 Tiles for America mark a moment in time with their messages of inspiration and remembrance. Now, after 15 years many original tiles are too fragile to be left out in the elements. There is an urgent need to take action. Please donate now to help secure an indoor space to house these precious tiles for generations to come. Your contribution of $9.11 is more than just saving a tile on a fence. It is about saving soulful messages, or maybe the very memory of someone’s life!
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The Lost Village

I am raising money to support my grassroots movement to distribute this timely documentary about the many lost villages across the country and the world. I focused on Greenwich Village in New York because it was once the epicenter for arts and culture in our country and the world. The Village has seen great increases in rent and costs of living not unlike the rest of the country. They have also seen jobs lost as mom and pop stores are displaced and manufacturing and cultural venues have been replaced by luxury condos. We need to raise a minimum of $10,000 to launch our film.

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